Reflections of Family & Friends

This is a collection of reflections from family and friends for current Inside the Academy guests. Presently, the list includes reflections on Richard Anderson, James Banks, Carl Bereiter, David Berliner, Jerome “Jerry” Bruner, Courtney Cazden, Marilyn Cochran-Smith, Linda Darling-Hammond, Elliot Eisner, Howard Gardner, Gene Glass, John Goodlad, Edmund Gordon, Maxine Greene, Henry “Hank” Levin, Susan Moore Johnson, Sonia Nieto, Nel Noddings, W. James “Jim” Popham, Diane Ravitch, Lauren Resnick, Lee Shulman, and Catherine Snow. To learn more about our guests, read the reflections from those who know them best!

Enjoy, and please feel free to participate in the discussions available in the Comments for each of the reflections.

Richard Anderson

James Banks

Carl Bereiter

David Berliner

Jerome “Jerry” Bruner

Courtney Cazden

Marilyn Cochran-Smith

Linda Darling-Hammond

Elliot Eisner

Howard Gardner

Gene Glass

John Goodlad

Edmund Gordon

Maxine Greene

Henry “Hank” Levin

Susan Moore Johnson

Sonia Nieto

Nel Noddings

W. James “Jim” Popham

Diane Ravitch

Lauren Resnick

Lee Shulman

Catherine Snow